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Setting Up Your Digital Portfolio

As you begin to study and pursue computing you are sure to begin to create and work on many projects. It is important that you are able to keep track of and log the projects that you work on to show off all of your hard work to potential employers, colleges, and even family and friends. These tools can be used to help you track and organize all of your work.

Use Github to host any of your coding projects. GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It lets you and others work together on projects from anywhere. The platform has developed these Getting Started Guides to help you work through setting up your first project on Github and get set up on the site. You can also follow along with this Intro to Github to learn more about how to use Github locally on your computer.

Create a digital portfolio to host any of your creative projects, i.e. digital media, images, design, websites you've made, applications you've made, etc. This How-To on creating a digital portfolio will take you through the steps on what to include in your portfolio and what application to use to build your portfolio depending on what you'd like to include in your portfolio.

Set up a LinkedIn account to make a digital version of your resume and linked to your Github account and/or your digital portfolio if you've created them. A LinkedIn account allows you to list any school, work, and volunteer experience you have as well as connect with people you know so that you can create an online network. By doing this, you will set yourself up to learn about new job opportunities from the people you are connected with and from the people who are able to view your profile and learn about the work you are doing.