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College & Career Planning

If you're interested in pursing a major in computing in college, or looking for help on making your decision, these resources can help provide you with information:
If you're looking to pursue computing in college one of the most important tools you can have is access to a computer. Several colleges provide students with laptops upon entering their freshman year and even more offer discounts to purchase a laptop. Find a list of these colleges and learn more about them here.

It's never too early to think about internship prep! Check out this page for great advice on "Getting a Gig" and how to set yourself up for success if you're looking to pursue a computing internship. Hint: it's all about selling yourself and your skills! 

Don't forget your resume! If you're looking to get an internship, or just to show off your awesome computing skills in general you want to make sure you have a killer technical resume to go with them. Here's the ultimate How-To on resumes and selling your expertise.