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Hour of Code launched the Hour of Code in 2013 and since then students have written 11,151,730,618 lines of code. We believe heavily in using the Hour of Code to inspire students to try coding, that's why each year during CSed week we work with and invite schools to have their students participate in the Hour of Code. 

Both CSed Week and provide all of the resources that schools K-12 need to get their students ready to do an Hour of Code, regardless of whether or not they have access to a computer or if they've ever programmed before. This program is designed to help students feel motivated and inspired to continue to experiment with computing after they've gotten to play around with the technology. Videos combined with quick tutorials and actually programming projects get students excited about what they're doing.

Although this activity is heavily advertised during CSed Week, these resources are perfect for use at home or in the classroom throughout the whole year. It's never a bad time to work with a student and get them excited about doing an hour of code!