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Everyone Can Code

We are excited to be working with Apple on the Everyone Can Code initiative in Chicago to provide coding education opportunities to students of all ages.

The Everyone Can Code initiative in Chicago is a public-private initiative that expands opportunities for students to develop coding skills and explore career pathways. The initiative is based on Everyone Can Code, a program designed by Apple to help everyone learn how to code, creating opportunities for all students and preparing them for the workforce. The program includes a range of free resources that take students all the way from exploring basic coding concepts to building fully functional apps of their own design.

Everyone Can Code curriculum

Apple provides free, comprehensive curriculum as part of their Everyone Can Code program, which is aligned with core computer science themes covered in the Chicago Public Schools Curriculum Guide and are mapped to the relevant CSTA and ISTE standards. The curriculum includes teacher guides and lessons that let educators introduce coding concepts visually on iPad in elementary school, move to writing code with the Swift Playgrounds app in middle school, and support students in building iOS apps on Mac with Xcode in high school and beyond. So whether students are first-time coders or aspiring app developers, educators have all the tools they need to teach coding in the classroom or in an after-school club.

New Swift Coding Club materials
Start an after-school Swift Coding Club with these new resources from Apple which provide fun, flexible, activities on coding and app design. The Swift Coding Club includes materials for students in elementary, middle, and high school. Your students will participate in:
  • App Design Activities: Students identify a problem to solve and then brainstorm, plan, prototype, and evaluate an original app project. They create an app pitch video to showcase the app idea in school or in the community.
  • Coding Activities: Students learn coding concepts and relate them to everyday situations, then apply the concepts in a coding app like Tynker (grades 3-5), Swift Playgrounds (grades 6-8), or Xcode (grades 9-12).
  • Optional "Pick and Choose" Activities: Students can extend their learning with additional coding challenges and with robots, drones and other bluetooth accessories.
Facilitator Guides for each level will give you tips and tricks on how to run a club. The guides provide ideas for holding a student app showcase to celebrate student work, including criteria for evaluating projects. The guides also include tips and resources to help facilitators work with students at different skill levels in a self-paced or guided- instruction setting.

You can download these materials for free and start using them in your club right away. See below for materials for elementary, middle, and high school. For each level, there is an App Design Journal in Keynote for students to download and track their work, along with student lessons in PDF, and a Facilitator Guide for the instructor.

Elementary School (Grades 3-5)

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

High School (Grades 9-12)

Volunteers and Internships

Apple’s Everyone Can Code program, and especially the App Development with Swift curriculum for high school, gives students the critical skills they need to qualify for high-demand and high-skill jobs. Chicagoland area businesses are participating in this initiative by providing employee volunteers in our schools, along with internship opportunities for students. These volunteer opportunities will encourage their Chicago- based employees to speak at an Everyone Can Code course or club session, to provide feedback on student projects, or to be a judge in a student app showcase. And internship opportunities will allow students to explore and expand their technical skills in a real-world setting.
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