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ECS Peer Coaching

Participants in the ECS peer coaching program are matched with a master ECS teacher to work on the following areas of teaching practice:
  • Establishing an equitable classroom culture (partners, groups, questioning)
  • Productive questioning (connections, engagement, effect, pacing)
  • Keeping students engaged in learning (classroom norms, pacing, transitions, connections)
  • Managing effective collaboration (teacher role, engagement)
  • Providing appropriate feedback, both in class and on assignments (affirmation, alternatives)
  • Managing student presentations (differentiation, equity)
  • Formative assessment (creating, effectiveness)
  • CS content (what is being taught, choices of pedagogy, misconceptions)
  • Time management (deadline creep, activities)
  • Other areas as needed
The coaching process involves a pre-visit conversation, the visit, and then a post-visit conversation. There is also a very short reflection to complete online purely to get feedback from you about your experience.

The first round of peer ECS teachers available to come visit your classroom are Don Yanek, Leon Kim, Valerie Curie, Dan Law, and Marilyn Foster. You may recognize them as facilitators for the summer ECS PD. Remember, this is for your support, not evaluation!

Use the form below to request a coach.