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Join us!
There are three different ways to become a partner to CS4All and each have a variety of ways that you can choose to support the initiative. The expectations for each method of partnership are explained below and vary for each type of support. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page to express your interest in becoming a partner.

Support CS4All Teachers!

The teachers of CS4All are the building blocks of the initiative, they are the reason that as a school district we are able to push computer science education forward. Our teachers have stood up and said that they realize the importance of computer science and know that our students deserve the opportunity to learn computer science and have taken it upon themselves to get educated in this new field. We have been able to help prepare and support our teachers along the way and we need your help to continue to do so.

Here is how you can choose to show your support:
  • Support teacher certification - greater than 1 scholarship for teacher certification
  • PD (and food/refreshments in the summer or throughout the year) - for a cohort for the district 
  • Event support - for 1 year and a minimum of one event (such as student hackathons, open houses, etc.)

Support CS4All Schools!

To date, CS4All has been able to work with 164 Chicago Public Schools to enhance computer science education and help them develop computer science curricula that is right for their school. It is important that we continue to support this effort in order to make sure that every school in Chicago has the same opportunity and access to computer science education. 

Here is how you can choose to show your support:
  • Software - enough licenses for a school for at least 2+ years
  • Devices - enough for a class/cart

Support the CS4All Initiative Directly!

The CS4All Initiative has been able to provide support for things such as additional staff, TA’s, and software, to help make sure that all teachers and students have all of the resources they need as they are pursuing computer science. By supporting the CS4All initiative directly you are supporting the whole district as we work to make Computer Science for All a reality. 

Here is how you can choose to show your support:
  • Event support - for 1 year and a minimum of one event (such as PD, hour of code, etc.)
  • Software - Industry level package
  • Sponsor staff attendance and travel to 1 or more industry conferences
  • Monetary donation - minimum of 1K donation