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Future Career Opportunity

Every industry is looking for computer scientists, and with an average starting salary of $58,000, according to Forbes, and have more jobs available than students to fill the openings, every computer science student is highly lucrative. Computer science provides students with the opportunity to pursue their technical passions while also having enough freedom to express their creativity through their platform of expression. Computer science is not limiting, by being able to adapt to all mediums and being applicable to all problem areas, students can apply the lessons that they have learned through computer science to anything that they wish. This makes it possible to pursue a computer science career through the a medical field, a financial field, a media field, a fashion field, an arts field, etc. However, the options within the technology are also not limited; the technology world has many options for students in areas such as gaming, data analysis, app development, web development, robotics, human computer interaction, entrepreneur, and much more. 

You can learn more about several computing careers by reading through Khan Academy's Meet the Professional activity. This is a great way to help your child understand what opportunities are available to them through computing.