The role of the parent in a students computer science education is extremely important. You play a large role in the courses your students take, the after school activities they participate in, and the community that is created and maintained at your school. By taking the time understand computer science and the importance of computer science education and actively supporting the efforts of computer science education you can help become a part of the not only your child's education but also the CS4All movement here in Chicago. If your child gains support from, or is encouraged to take the first steps to begin experimenting with computing, they may begin down the path of computer science even earlier than high school.

To help break down computer science, take a look at what it can do for your child:

What CS Will Do

  • Help students learn how to approach math problems in a new perspective
  • Help students use problem solving skills in their other classes
  • Help students think through logic problems
  • Help students learn how to collaborate with others
  • Help students think through the design, development, and creation process
  • Help students feel empowered to utilize their creativity and build out their ideas
  • Provide students with a platform to examine, experiment, and test their theories
  • Help students learn fundamentals about language and syntax
  • Keep students engaged in a class that is relatable to their everyday lives

What CS Won't Do

  • Act as a replacement to a math course
  • Act purely as test prep
  • Always produce results that are measurable via code and programs
  • Keep students busy and engaged without direction and participation from other students and educators¬†
  • Only guide students through predesigned and prewritten problems and questions