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Spring 2017 cohort

This page will be continually updated with specific information for the cohort of teachers seeking the endorsement starting in Spring 2017. For more complete information, visit the Teacher Endorsement in Computer Science main page.

Communication tips
Make sure to regularly check your NEIU email account for communications regarding courses, tuition, etc. If you would like to forward NEIU messages to your CPS or personal email account, there are instructions here. You can also respond "from" your NEIU account from another account by setting up an alias (instructions here).

You can join the cs4allcps Slack team at cs4allcps.slack.com. After creating an account and signing in, you can join the #endorsement channel to talk directly with others who have joined. (If you haven't used Slack before, here is a getting started guide.)

Quick course schedule
A spreadsheet (and best reference) listing NEIU and ISU's probable TECS course offerings by term is here. The table below has a few other details.
 Term Course Dates
 Spring 2017 NEIU CS 200 January 9-May 4, 2017
 (one evening per week)
 Summer 2017 ISU TEC 275 tentatively May 15-June 22, 2017; online
 Summer 2017 ISU TEC 389.65 August 7-18, 2017 (all weekdays)
 Fall 2017 NEIU CS 201 August 28-December 14, 2017
 Spring 2018 NEIU CS 207 January 8-May 3, 2018
 Summer 2018 ISU TEC 389.66 tentatively one week (5 days) in August,
 blended online and in-person
 Summer 2018 NEIU CS 300 May 18-June 28, 2018
 Summer 2018 NEIU CS 331 June 29-August 9, 2018
 Fall 2018 NEIU CS 304 dates not released
NEIU 2016-17 academic calendar

What to prepare for
Before starting
  • Make sure you have a good foundation in Algebra, which is a prerequisite for CS 200 at NEIU. NEIU has an Algebra review sheet to give an idea of what level of math is required.
  • You must have a professional educator's license (PEL) to be eligible for the CS endorsement. If you do not have your PEL when you start the coursework, you should plan to have that in order by the time coursework is completed in Fall 2018 or thereabouts.
  • When you become a student at NEIU, you might find materials on the NEIU Book Exchange (scroll all the way down--there are listings starting in 2008 but people still use the site).
Spring 2017: NEIU
  • Apply to NEIU (send materials to Andy) by November 11. You do not have to reapply to NEIU for future semesters unless you skip 2 entire semesters.
Summer 2017: ISU
  • Apply to ISU early in the calendar year as a graduate student. Your enrollment will last from Summer 2017 through the Spring 2018 term.
TEC 275 is an online course, and will probably be scheduled to operate mostly while CPS is still in session, after the spring NEIU CS 200 course is over.  (I don't know the exact start date. It will not be a self-paced course, even though it is online. In other words, everyone in the class is working on the same part of the course at the same time.)

IT/TEC 389.65 is a 2-credit course offered face-to-face in Chicago, starting on August 7 and lasting two weeks.  The enrollees in that course need to be physically present every day. This course will have the form of a guided workshop. We presently expect to divide the cohort of teachers into two groups for this course--one group to meet in the mornings and the other to meet in the afternoons. There will be quite a bit of homework, so this course should be seen as being like a full time job for the two weeks. In this course teachers will design and try out lesson plans relevant to their teaching grade level, after learning a short list of basic principles for effective and democratic teaching of computer science. High school teachers will be working on ECS lesson plans.

Fall 2017: NEIU
CS 201

Spring 2018: NEIU/ISU
IT/TEC 389.66 Is a (mostly) online course that will likely be offered in the Spring 2018 term. The cohort will be polled about the best time for this course to be offered. If it happens in Summer 2018, you will have to reapply to ISU.

Summer 2018: NEIU

Fall 2018: NEIU

Once Enrolled
NEIU Important Academic Dates and Deadlines
  • Spring 2017
    • Advance Registration: October 17 - November 11
    • Open Registration: November 12 - January 6
    • Classes Begin
      • Weekday Classes: January 9
      • Saturday Classes: January 14
      • Sunday Classes: January 15
    • Add/Drop: January 7 - January 23
    • Pass/fail deadline: January 23
    • Last day to drop a class : March 31
    • Classes End: May 1
ISU Important Academic Dates and Deadlines
  • Spring 2017
    • Advance Registration: October 17 - December 16
    • Open Registration: January 9 - January 30
    • Classes Begin: January 17
    • Add/Drop: January 24 - January 30
    • Pass/fail deadline: January 30
    • Last day to drop a class: April 14
      • Earlier deadlines apply for full tuition reimbursement and lack of withdrawal grade.
      • More details can be found here.
    • Classes end: May 6
  • Summer 2017
    • Open Registration: February 13 - May 15
    • Classes Begin: May 22
    • Classes End: August 11
    • Other Dates and Deadlines  (advance registration, add/drop, etc.) available for registered students at the MyIllinoisState student portal.
To Get Lane Credit for Courses
  • You must write a letter to the relevant department chairperson at ISU or NEIU at the end of the term when you are completing a course, asking that your course grade and attendance certification be sent from the department to the CS4All office. (it is important that this be done promptly, as certification of satisfactory completion of a course has to be entered into the Learning Hub within ten days after the end of the course.)
  • If the course in question carries graduate level credit, a certification of such credit must be sent as well.