CS4All Staff

Brenda Darden Wilkerson
is a technology education evangelist and the first Director of Computer Science & IT Education at Chicago Public Schools.  She now is President and CEO of the Anita Borg Institute. As the founder of the original Computer Science for All initiative in 2013, her work includes building CS into CPS’ general course of study.  Brenda is a graduate of Northwestern University where she studied computer science.

Curriculum Team

Our new curriculum team will guide the selection and development of computer science curriculum across the district and across K-12.

Julia Flores

CS Curriculum Lead

Faythe Brannon
CS Curriculum Specialist (High School)

Echelle Mohn
CS Curriculum and Integration Specialist (Elementary School)

Computer Science Integration Team

The integration team serve as a resource to schools as they plan the integration of computer science into their courses of study.

Troy Williams
CS Integration Manager

Shelby Clemons
CS Integration Specialist (High School)

Missy Cobian
CS Curriculum and Integration Specialist (Elementary School)

Scott Summers
CS Integration Specialist (High School)

Other Staff

Carmen Edwards

Strategic Operations Manager

Yolanda Goldman-Mitchell

CS4All Grant Coordinator

Joseph Hemingway

Marketing Strategist

Andrew Rasmussen

CS Project Developer

Don Yanek

Special Agent

Haroon Arrasheed

IT Program Coordinator, Career and Technical Education

Student Interns

Yamile Licon

Genesysworks Intern (Rickover Naval Academy)


Yaneli Briano

Genesysworks Intern (Benito Juarez Community Academy)

Alex Mueller

UPrep Intern (University of Chicago)

John Veillette

UPrep Intern (University of Chicago)

Abril Vela

CS4All Intern (University of Michigan)